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Freak Show is coming.

Braking news about AHS new season, Freak Show!

Who’s excited?!

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Hail the supreme and Emmy Winner, Jessica Lange!

We also congratulate Kathy Bates!

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Thank you all so much for the 5K followers in one year of this account! You guys are amazing ❤️

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American Horror Story Freak Show Admit One “Official Teaser” 

Already feeling the Freak Show!

Follow for more!

What do you think about the teaser? I’m disappointed :(

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Omg your blog is perfect ok follow back maybe?

Thank you!!!

Of course, followed :)

Happy Birthday to the flawless Taissa Farmiga! We love you!

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"Life is too short for too much sorrow" "Go away, Tate!"

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Season 1: Murder House.

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I love your blog

Thank you so much! It’s always so good to know people like it here. :)

This could be true just for once :(

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