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Freak Show is coming.

Evan Peters at 2014 Comic Con

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Hello! I'm going to be writing a fanfic about Tate Langdon and the girl that moves in after violets family and I wanted to know if you'd like to see anything done in the story that hadn't been thought of yet as some of the fanfics seem too be very similar? Any ideas would be appreciated !

You wanna make a fic about Tate and this girl in a violate style? Will Violet be there? Because you know she can’t live the house, don’t you?

xx, Carmen

(im the anon from earlier) subtitles don't really bother me so u can give me the name of the site. thanks in advance!
△ Anônimo

hey anon, one of our followers sent an ask saying that he saw all three seasons at http://www.couchtuner.eu/watch-american-horror-story-1-online/ 

But, if you wanna check the site i told you before, there you go: http://megafilmeshd.net/series/american-horror-story.html

I hope I helped you.

xx, Carmen

I don't know if this will work but i watched all three seasons of ahs on a site called couchtuner so I hope that will work for someone? if it doesn't then the only other site I know of that might work is watch series. sorry if this is no help whatsoever
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Thank you so much!

xx, Carmen.

omg I want to help out the anon but I can't remember the name of the site I watched all three seasons on >.<

If you remember, just tell me and I’ll post here to help everyone. Not the first time I get those asks, I really need to find one american site to watch ahs online lol.

Thanks anyways.

xx, Carmen.

do you know where i can watch ahs season 1 and 2 online for free? im desperate :/
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Well, we (the owners of this account) are brazilian, so yeah, we know one site but the episodes are subtitled in portuguese with the original english audio. If you don’t mind watching the eps with these subs, just send me another ask and I’ll give you the site.

xx, Carmen.

O my god I lobe your blog ! Could you please follow back? It would mean so much :) x

It’s always so good to know that someone loves our blog! Thanks! Of course I follow you back, honey. Feel welcome to talk to us whenever you want.

xx, Carmen.

heyyy if you're looking for a quality AHS blog to follow you should check out mistermyrtlesnow! nice blog too :)


Best season. Best couple.

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Ryan sure loves parallels.

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