You're going to die in here...
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yourbadgurl disse: follow ???

Thanks for following! Fback :)

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You died crying. You died…loved”.

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Murder House 

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v-lustful disse: Hi, I loooove this blog! xx And I love ahs, I just finished season 2, and I was wondering if you knew where I could watch season 3 online? I've looked everywhere, and can't find it. :( and seeing gifs on this blog just makes me more sad and excited at the same time hahah.

Hey hi! Thanks for loving our blog. It makes me and my bff happy LOL and since we are brazilians Idk about any site where you can watch ahs online (without any portuguese subtitle). Sorry hon, but you can always try to download it on utorrent. Xx

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I just can’t handle this level of cuteness, omg.

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I’ll never get tired of Violate.

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that-is-not-very-pop-punk-of-you disse: I've finally found a great AHS blog! I love your blog. Okay, bye. (:

OMG! Thaaaank you! We’re so pleased to hear that! You can talk to us whenever you want. Bye baby :)

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The human voodoo doll